Maranda is a postmodern psychotherapist who utilizes a truly a holistic approach to embodied wellness. She is uniquely positioned in the mental health and wellness world because of her background in movement, art, and fitness. Maranda specializes in: mindfulness/wellness talks and workshops, immersive relaxation and guided meditation, and personal empowerment all filtered through a focused psychotherapeutic lens. Maranda is grounded and practical while also deeply philosophical and creative. What you can expect when working with Maranda, in any capacity, is that she will bring her lifetime of diverse experience into the room with her. Maranda is an artist with a background as a classical ballet dancer, actress, singer, and visual artist. Maranda has also had a successful career in health and wellness for the last 8+ years in Los Angeles as a world class yoga & meditation teacher, spin instructor, personal trainer, holistic health counselor, and she holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology (MFTT). Upon introduction and assessment of your unique needs, Maranda will carefully, and consciously, identify the most useful tools and ideas that will help to elicit psychological, spiritual, and physiological growth and evolution in her clients. These clients range from Oscar / Golden Globe / Emmy / Grammy award winning celebrities to high school students — from groundbreaking tech companies & global fashion houses to small non-profits. Outside of health and wellness Maranda is passionate about art, music, and social justice.
Maranda is based in Los Angeles, CA and is always excited to travel!
Services Include:
  • Individual Adult and Couples Therapy  offices on Larchmont (beginning in January 2020) & North Hollywood.
  • Speaking engagements, lectures, hosting events/workshops, moderating panels on most topics related to mental health and physical wellness.
  • Yoga and meditation classes and workshops.
  • In-home and/or video mindfulness counseling sessions.
  • Etc...
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